Fox Pflueger is a performer, artist, actor, writer, events producer, director & independent model based in Narrm, Melbourne Australia.

Pflueger works with their assets & their flaws to create art that pushes the boundaries of their personal comfort zone to release themselves of negativity & instead love themselves absolutely. Their life is an arts degree, they are their own medium, & their body is their masterpiece.

Their performances draw on sexuality, vulnerability & humour to create public art rituals that liberates personal identity as well as exploring universal traumas & cultural oppression. Lately Pflueger has been working with larger archetypes & elemental concepts such as lobsters, water and The Moon. Pflueger intends their performances to be public acts of liberation, evoking acceptance and celebration of all aspects of the self, for themselves & the audience.

Fox Pflueger has been performing since 2002 as an actor, performance artist, Drag Quing & Lobster. More recently they have performed at and worked with many of Melbourne's underground queer events, festivals and producers; Including but not limited to Honcho Disko, Beaut, Closet Provocateur, Pleasure Planet, Comedy Club, The Annual Drag Ball, Tenfingerz Productions, MAX FREAK, Freaky Sexy Weird, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Midsumma Festival, The Village Festival & Let Them Eat Cake. Nationally they have performed for  Heaps Gay, Pepperberry Laneway Festival, Broken Heel Festival, White Cliffs Underground Arts Festival, Strawberry Fields, Subsonic, Secret Garden Party & Wide Open Spaces. Internationally Pflueger has performed in San Francisco U.S.A with Debauchery, Red Hot Burlesque and Tourettes Without Regrets, they have placed in drag competitions at Jack Hammers in Chicago, & performed at the Bushwig afterparty in Brooklyn. They have also performed in Berlin at queer music festival Yo! Sissy, & with notorious lobster porn artist Rebecca Goyette.

Fox Pflueger has a passion for producing immersive and engaging performance art pieces and happenings. They aim to create art events that engage audience members to contemplate and explore the liberation found in the freakier side of expression and creativity. They have independently produced “Freaky Sexy Weird” four times, an intimate evening of taboo performance art, as well as co-producing inner city doof “MAX FREAK” which promotes liberation and radical self expression. They have produced a ritual event named Samhain in San Francisco with artist Carina Borealis. They have been involved with many other grass roots production companies creating inclusive & radical events including Beaut, Grrl Fest, Awkward/Amazing, The Bohemian Masquerade Ball, The Lovelorn Living Party & Tantrum Theatre.